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         I know it can make you nervous going to a new hairstylist! If you are just looking for a haircut or style, go ahead and click below where you see BOOK NOW at the bottom of the page. It'll take you right over to my online booking page.  If you are looking for any color or blonding service, I will need more information from you. This will ensure that I am booking adequate time for you, and I have more information about your hair to create a plan! I will then instruct you on which option to book.

When you arrive, I will do a thorough consultation to ensure that your hair goals are able to be met, or if there needs to be any adjustments in what your goals for your hair are.

I offer a variety of complimentary beverages, coffee, wifi, and phone chargers if needed. You can also choose to enjoy a "silent appointment" where we skip the chit chat. You will still get a thorough consultation, and recommendations for your hair, but otherwise you can do your thing! Read, listen to a podcast, work, or simply relax.

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